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Dancing for the not so serious dancer?
Posted by pivotingfool
8/30/2009  10:00:00 AM
When I started dancing, (Many years ago.), there were many forms of dancing for those who did not wish to spend big money, or to work many hours on technique.

There were places to Polka, Country Western Dance, Square Dance, and Various forms of simple folk dancing.

I knew people who did Israli folk dancing. There was far more American Style Ballroom dancing, Round Dancing, and even Social Ballroom, which was usually taught by friends and family. (Non-professionals.)

I am told that the Country Western leaders are now taking dance lessons from the best International coachs. As are Round Dance Leaders. Even American Ballroom leaders have addapted many International standards.

This is great for those who whish to compete, but what about the millions of people who once danced for fun?

Is there no longer any room for those with two left feet? Doesn't anyone want the huge number of people who just want to dance for fun?

The reason you seldom see dancing in resturants anymore is because so few people dance for fun anymore.

International Dancers want a large wooden floor, and they are not going to have a beer while they dance.

If we do not find a way to make dancing a universal sport, (like it used to be), Ballroom Dancing will be a sport that only the rich, and the very healthy can hope to indulge in.

Only those who like to dance for the camera, and the judges will ever find the joy that is out there on the dance floor.

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