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Re: Dancing for the not so serious dancer?
Posted by belleofyourball
8/30/2009  1:15:00 PM
I think part of the problem is that its all that's left.


So many of the people who danced for the joy have gotten too old to dance. We didn't teach the next generations to dance, we sat them in front of the television instead. We gave them video games and walkmen and kept them socially isolated. I'm talking about my generation too.

So now there aren't enough people left to dance to create a social scene. It became increasingly isolated and so there were fewer suppliers and it became a luxury. When more people tried to join the prices didn't correct either and so it ends up that when people start seeing it as valuable they find they can't afford to take it on.

So now that there is the beginning of demand ironically due to television which killed it in the first place, there isn't enough supply. Hopefully we can get supply going before too many people are turned away.

Also we need to be honest with people that you aren't going to be in training 24-7 and so you aren't going to look great on day one. (Read this as an instant gratification problem) But even then it needs to be fun.

The next thing is that ballroom people tend to be snooty and suspicious so its hard to break into the social circles. Not cooL and it drives away the newbies as they feel insecure and unwanted.

Or you can just move away from the US. Lots of places in Europe still have dancing as a way of life.
Sigh....just my opinion.
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