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Re: Dancing for the not so serious dancer?
Posted by Telemark
8/31/2009  1:00:00 AM
Lots of places in Europe still have dancing as a way of life.

This is still true in many parts of the UK. In my city, you can choose between about half a dozen social dance venues on each of at least six days a week (Sunday is a bit quiet). The dancing tends to be dominated by the senior age range, and has a big Sequence Dancing component, but there are opportunities for dancing exclusively Ballroom/Latin more-or-less daily, and judging by the number of times you see the same people, all over the place, dancers are very committed to their interest, and will travel widely for their own pleasure.

It is quite encouraging that several dance schools put a particular emphasis on bringing on beginners, and hold their own weekly social dances,to give them opportunities to dance in a social setting. I always get a buzz when my own pupils start coming along to my own weekly social, really before they are ready, but get up and have a go. They can't dance the full range, because they haven't even learned the most basic steps in several styles yet, so thay have to sit quite a lot out, but you can see them watching carefully, and just wanting to get up again themselves.

It's why I teach, really. I get so much satisfaction out of seeing beginners find their feet, and reaching the point where they can enjoy their dancing, at their own level, and it is my business goal to FILL the local dance venues with competent social dancers, at least some of which will continue to progress and become advanced dancers in time.
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