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Re: Dancing for the not so serious dancer?
Posted by anymouse
8/31/2009  9:59:00 AM
"I think part of the problem is that its all that's left."

Yes, but also the competitive outlets are the only marginally common way to escape from the impractical pricing and presentation of the dominant studio model.

"We didn't teach the next generations to dance"

More that this job was delegated to the studios, who only pursue the part of it that fits with their business model.

"When more people tried to join the prices didn't correct either and so it ends up that when people start seeing it as valuable they find they can't afford to take it on."

Paying someone to spend time with you one on one is not a practical form of recreation for the majority of the population. As long as the dominant presentation of dancing is stuck on that model, it's going to be an activity with two niches - those who can afford it, and those who know about one of the less publicized ways to avoid those costs.
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