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Re: Dancing for the not so serious dancer?
Posted by kaiara
9/10/2009  5:24:00 AM
hmmm, our town has a square dancing club. They offer classes at a really reasonable cost about once a year.

There is a country and western place here with a huge dance floor.

And the main ballroom teacher teaches many college age students and many many beginners, with an emphasis on the youngsters having their own classes with music they like and the senior beginning class where the mike it turned way up and the music appeals to them.

There is a dinner club that meets monthly I believe with dancing too.

Then the community education program offers ballroom and country&western classes.

The only thing we lack are enough social opportunities, if you did all of the different groups you could dance fairly often, but not nightly.

My soapbox is that what children are taught in PE classes is only really good for the youth and for athletes and if all forms of social dance were included in the curriculum it would help make this country healthier by teaching all the kids an exercise form that is social, aerobic, and can be done into old age!

Also, many churches have huge social halls that are only used occasionally. If they want to pull youth in and keep them out of trouble, then the older people who dance need to set up opportunities for teaching the youth groups to dance properly for fun! The space is there, the fees need only cover a teacher and the cost of the utilities. The result is healthier, more physically active kids, and a social scene that can be monitored by adults.
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