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Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by westcoastswinglove
10/6/2009  9:46:00 AM
Sweet Afton by Nickel Creek is a good SLOW waltz...

Something a little faster is Lentil by SIA...

Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by dsoullier
1/19/2010  11:47:00 PM
Let's see..Aerosmith (Don't want to miss a thing)...Journey (Open Arms)...Debbie Boone (You Light up my life)...Billy Vera (At this moment)...Nora Jones (Come Away With Me)...Queen (most of "Bohemien Rhapsody")...Elvis Presley (Are You Lonesome Tonight)...
there, that's a start
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Denise
9/17/2010  10:19:00 PM
This is several years after the original question, but I am in a dance showcase in Nov and have been looking for contemporary waltz music and found something I wanted to add here:
Queen - One Year of Love.
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by jjoseph302
2/11/2016  10:51:00 AM
Hello Denise!!

This song is awesome for waltz... Thank you very much for sharing.

Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Tony
5/7/2013  5:45:00 PM
Very beautiful waltz song
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by O.Z.
5/8/2013  7:04:00 AM
Moonriver. For the true feeling of a Modern Waltz.
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by hesitation
6/4/2013  11:36:00 AM
Plaisir d'amour (french)
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by nloftofan1
6/5/2013  7:20:00 AM
Is the song in 3/4 time? If it is, you can waltz to it. If you can't recognize the rhythm then you will have a tough time dancing any dance to any song.
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by maineb1111
6/25/2013  4:17:00 PM
"Slow Dance" - Michael Peterson
"Put Your Dreams Away" - Frank Sinatra
"I Will Love You" - Fisher
"Sleepsong" - Secret Garden
"Since You Asked" - Natalie Cole
"The Old House" - Phil Coulter (piano)
"Thr Green Fields of France" - Phil Coulter (piano)
"Natasha" - Phil Coulter (piano and not strict tempo)
"May Each Day" - Andy Williams
"Remember" - Andy Williams
"Illusion" - Nat King Cole
"At This Moment" - Michael Buble'

I don't think anyone else has mentioned any of these, and some are among my all-time favorites. My wife insisted on "Slow Dance" for our wedding song. (I would have preferred "Since You Asked")
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Gary Eremita
7/4/2013  8:47:00 AM
"With you I'm born again" by Billy Preston.

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