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Re: Judging Well Put
Posted by Three Wise Men
10/28/2009  5:32:00 PM
Terence. Just to get the record straight you wrote If the practice continues there would be some sanctions enforced to address the problem.
I noticed you didn`t write will be enforced.
I haven`t seen an IDSF competition on the TV for a couple of years where the veiwer see the marks from each judge at the end of each dance. I have several on tape and belive me there are some very debatable scoring like 1st across the board except for this one judge who gave them a 4th place.
I suppose you remember the debacle in the 2002 Ice Olympic Pair Skating where the gold Medal was re awarded the next morning after is was found out that one of the judges had been got at.
I`ll carry on a bit here. Dancers quite dancing because of this. Somebody might say but that seems to be self destructive. The dancers leave. Thats right but in a flash another takes their place and the teacher come adjudicator carries on as usuall.
The answer to this must come from the dancers.
This is what happened in Europe a few years ago over a dispute when all the Lain dancers took to the floor without a number on their back as a protest and danced a sequence Rumba in which they changes partners every eight bars.
Unless something like this is done the present system will go on forever.
This subject is at present being debated on Dancesport UK.
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