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Re: New Partnership.
Posted by nseelos
10/28/2009  9:10:00 PM
I'm not a dancer (yet), I aspire to be, although I know you should be able to take constructive criticism, it sounds like all this is is criticism. Subtle, yet important, difference. Some people have the need to make themselves feel better by making others feel bad. It seems you have found one of those. If I were you I'd move on and not waste time in this partnership. As you said, the clock is ticking. Find someone with a similar outlook (as in positive), and similar goals and you'll be better off. In life I have found the most important characteristic of a partner is that you have shared values. I believe this partner senses your consciousness of "lack of certain abilities" and is preying on them as a weak point for their own self-aggrandizement. RUN, don't walk, to a new partnership! (Just my opinion...) N
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