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Re: Judging Well Put
Posted by Iluv2Dance
10/30/2009  12:49:00 AM
Hi to all,
Many, many years ago, it was on one of my first judging engagements, when I was asked who was my winner by a well-known fellow adjudicator. This happened straight after the semi-final of the main competition. I said I had not quite made up my mind - I was thinking you only decided who was the winner in the final. I was told that I think you will find your winner is number ##. During the final I gave this couple 3 firsts and a third. Third place was the position I thought they were.

Nothing was said to me when we left the floor after the final. The results of the competition was given in reverse order. The couple who I had marked to win came fourth. I looked at my fellow judge who just stared straight ahead.

I managed to see the marks and this particular judge gave seconds and thirds. Looking back, this judge could not be accused of marking his own pupils.
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