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Re: Judging Well Put
Posted by Cyd
10/30/2009  3:11:00 PM
Terence. Both you and luv2Dance would have experienced this,that the organizer of the comp has told you in no uncertain manner who they expect to win. Don`t comply then next time you wont be invited to judge.
I was told of a lady judge who was in great demand as a judge. She did exactly what she was told. So she was assured of plenty of work. Where her bias judging showed up was in another comp , different organizer, same couples. this time her first placings didn`t add up when compared to the last competition.
There has to be a solution.
One way could be that no judge knows which events they will be judging. Let them be picked on the day by a number dropping from a globe.
Does anybody have any better ideas than leaving it to gravity to choose the judging panel..
When our Dance Sport was first formed, I believe it is still in the rules. A judge is supposed to withdraw if any of their couples are on the floor. That is an absolute joke. That recomendation didn`t last five minutes.
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