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Re: Judging Well Put
Posted by Three Wise Men
11/3/2009  12:45:00 AM
Clary.If the rule was made that no judge will be allowed to judge their own pupils. Then they would have to make up their mind wether they want to be a teacher or a judge.
I dont think some of you guys know what goes on. One of the top coaches when it was made known he would be judging. Within a few hours he hadn`t got one available hour left on his calender. When he said that he would be available, but only after the next competition . The responses was the same every time. I`ll get back to you later..
The best one I ever heard was a judge who marked a couple who wasn`t there. They hadn`t turned up even though they were numbered in the program. Unlike Blackpool where the judges have a card with each competitor numbered in that heat. Here we do not. The judges have a blank card. So this guy popped the number they would have had down on his card Just for your information out of say nine judges to get through to the next round three ticks would probably be enough.
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