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my husband doesn't dance
Posted by Angelica
11/4/2009  8:11:00 AM
My husband and I have been married for 7 years, and I have been dancing for 4. I've always loved to dance but didn't know I had a passion for it until I took an actual class, and I've been addicted ever since! My husband took 1 class with me and didn't like it, so it's always been my thing ever since.

Even though my husband doesn't dance, he has no problem with me going out and dancing the night away alone; this has been great for us because I couldn't be with someone who didn't support my wishes.

My issue is that I wish I was with someone who could dance with me... I'd like to just get lost in a romantic bachata sometimes but can't... I feel like it would be inappropriate for me to do a "dirty dance" with someone because I'm married... Everyone knows I am, I don't hide it that I'm married, but I just feel that I'm missing out because my significant other can't be on the dance floor with me... Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!
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