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Re: business and dancing
Posted by terence2
11/5/2009  10:38:00 PM
Learning how to dance ( any genre ) is not necessarily a direct passport to teaching.

There a lot of skill sets that need to be acquired.. If you are intent.. get some prof. training in the techniques of dance ( from a Qualif. prof )

Salsa is a niche market, and there are many out there, who profess to know their "stuff".. good and bad seem to survive ( I contend with this on a weekly basis )..As a full time occupation, I doubt you would survive... however.. if you are in a location that is void of dance instruction.. maybe.. salsa folk are fickle, and have little loyalty ( B/room is a much stronger base )

I have over 50yrs of Prof. experience, and it means little to most outside of my profession ( with some exceptions )..
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