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Re: my husband doesn
Posted by Sprachman
11/6/2009  7:13:00 AM
Don't force your husband to go dancing if he doesn't want to. I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday at the local bi-weekly Contra Dance. I figured that it was easy enough for my non-dance friends. I explained to them what Contra Dancing was. The wives seemed interested. Two of the husbands called and said they were coming to support me, but they won't dance because it was not their "cup of tea". I suggested that they at least try the 15 minute class and they said no. They did come with their wives. They sat with their arms folded. One of the wives danced and loved it (and has come back without the husband). One of the husbands asked when the cake was being served. I told them and they went out to the car to listen to the baseball game. They came in at the break. We celebrated my birthday and then the 4 left. The rest of us went back to dancing and we all had a great time.

Let me give you a second story about husbands who don't dance. One of the women in our ballroom/swing dance circle would go out dancing several time a week. Her husband did not dance. It got to a point where it began to affect their marriage. The wife said, either we take lessons together or we get divorced. So he took lessons and loved dancing so much that now they teach ballroom dancing to beginers.

One of Long Island's dance instructors once commented on a local radio show that men do not like to dance until they realize they can. Then they love it.

Angelica, be happy that he supports your interest in dance and hopefully it will not affect your marriage.
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