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Re: Judging Well Put
Posted by Three Wise Men
11/6/2009  9:16:00 PM
Clary. In all these years I have never met one person who is willing to say that as it is at present and in the past the system of our judging is fair.
Are you going to be the first to say Yes I beleive it is fair.
It doesn`t stop with just the judges.
Wally Fryer former top dancer told me that he and Vi used to stand at opposite ends of the floor when judging a comp where they were the sole judges. That was untill one day after judging the first round of a comp .As the recalls were being called Wally is saying to himself. How could Vi have possibly marked some of these couples. Vi Barnes at the other end of the floor was asking the same questions about Wally. When they got their heads together there were people on the floor who neither of them had marked.
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