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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by diamonte
11/8/2009  5:48:00 PM
I agree with Ellen, the situation is not anyones business. I can recall a similar situation involving a married couple whose marriage was clearly on the rocks, the reason they joined a ballroom and latin dance school was to give them something to do other than work together, it didn't take long for the man to have a roving eye, quite a few of the young ladies ignored him, except one whom he became very close to. The director of the studio and some teachers and students not only confronted this girl but also shamed her to the ballroom and dance world, which we all know is quite small. It was wrong of everyone who got involved if anything their involvement caused more pain and confusion. This was a private matter, yes it unfolded in front of everyone but at the same time it was nobody's business. The wife left, then the husband about 6 months later but the girl stayed, she was ostracised by almost everyone. It was really quite sad. Someones relationship/friendship/association is not to be judged or speculated. Its no one's business.
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