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Re: Partner experience
Posted by belleofyourball
11/11/2009  12:25:00 AM
I suppose that all depends on what you are looking for. Three months into lessons really isn't very far so you aren't at all that much of an advantage over a new partner. Three years would be a different story.

It can be hard to get a partner so if you already know one you are at an advantage. Still...there are frustrations that go with partnerships.

As far as being at the same level, that's as rare as hen's teeth even if you've been dancing the same amount of time with the same people. You will have better dances and vice versa. You may have talents your partner doesn't share and again vice versa.

It is more economical to have a partner and it means you can compete at an amateur level and you have a practice partner built in. It is up to you and what you want out of dancing.
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