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Re: Judging Well Put
Posted by Cyd.
11/13/2009  2:39:00 AM
By sitting back and saying nothing has led us to this ridiculace position where an Amateur can teach without being qualified. Dont anybody try to tell me that the top Amateurs in the world do not teach. Soon why will anybody want to declare themselves a Professional unless one wanted to compete as a Pro.
Two years ago here a major IDSF Amateur Comp was held. Some of the top competitors taking part openly advertised that they would be available for lessons. The rules in their counties allowed this. Where will it end. I like the way it is in Germany where the clubs own the competitions. Within the clubs they do not cater for Social Dancers. The teachers outside the clubs can teach Socialy but never teach a competition dancer. Because to be a competitor one must be a member of a club. If none of this is correct please say so because this was how it was told to me. It would appear to be a good system
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