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Re: Pros and Cons of teaching for a chain VS. a in
Posted by a1coda
11/14/2009  7:23:00 PM
I have had many years of experience in both situations. Working in a chain studio, you are a salesman first and foremost. Then you are restricted on what you can teach; for example if a student purchases a Bronze 1 level, you are required to stick within the BR 1 level material regardless of the students ability. If they want the advanced material, they have to know that it has to be purchased. There is a price for everything. I lost many students because of that thinking. As an "indy" you don't have the teaching restrictions but you have to really work on promoting yourself as a dancer and as a good teacher. I feel there are many people promoting themself as a s good teacher and they couldn't get you through a wedding dance. My preferance now is being an "indy"
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