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Re: Pros and Cons of teaching for a chain VS. a in
Posted by terence2
11/14/2009  10:32:00 PM
Both have their drawbacks..

Firstly... from a workaday point of view.
At any chain school( And ive owned, managed etc, for them in the past ) your day is regimented, and if you like stucture, thats a good place to be..they do supply your students, and some schools have good benefits. Also, in larger cities, there is possibly good training, and the opportunity for travel.
You are restricted to stay within syll. when teaching ( not necessarily a bad thing ) but.. they are all pretty much driven by "sales " .

On the Indie side.. you MUST be motivated on a daily basis, and building a client basis is never easy, no matter your experience. You also need to factor in costs, like floor rental and advertising..PLus you will need to keep on training, with good Prof. advice .

The foundation work one gains in an organised school, will become the lynchpin of your workdays ,if you go Indie..
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