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Re: Asking a guy to dance
Posted by pivotingfool
12/16/2009  9:09:00 PM

I am not sure if you meant what you said in the first paragraph, or if you meant what you said in the last sentence.

Either way, I must disagree if you believe that a person can never turn anyone down.

I do not think anyone should be forced to dance eight or ten dances with one person who they do not enjoy dancing with.

If this is the rule, you could pay your ten dollars, (Or maybe even fifteen.), and you could rent a human for the entire evening.

I would never ask a woman, (Who was a consderabaly better dancer than I am.), to dance more than twice.

I believe that maybe your ten dollars gives you the right to dance with each man, (Or woman.), two or maybe three times in the evening.

However, I am not for rent for the entire evening. (Certainly not for ten dollars!) I have been offered Fifty dollars, (And more.), to dance with a woman for an entire evening. I refused because I like to dance with everyone.

I try to dance with everyone during the evening. I never turn down a first request, and seldom turn down a second request.

However, I also pay my entrance fee, and I should get to dance with the other women. I also want to dance with my friends, and the women who danced with me when I was new to the studio.

I think it is asking a bit much if you think I should miss dancing with my friends just because one or two,(Or three or four.), women are rude enought to think that they have a right to my entire evening.

Sorry, but twice is enough for one evening.

Asking a man to teach you to dance all evening is just too much.


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