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What next?
Posted by DancerSA
12/26/2009  11:51:00 AM
I am just looking for a bit of advice from more seasoned and experienced dancers out there.

I am an adult male amateur ballroom and latin dancer studying international style. Although I have danced before I only made the switch to Ballrooom two years ago. In that time I have completed my gold medals in both ballroom and latin (achieving the highest grade.)

However at present I do not have a partner and I really want to compete at a high level as I know I have the drive, determination and potential to go for it. However finding a partner is not as easy as it seems.

Also every time i seem to mention the idea of competitions or dance partners to my teacher, she doesn't seem too thrilled. Other people have suggested that I go into teaching, but that would then mean I lose my amateur status and I would not be able to compete. I would love to teach in the future but I would love to get some competitions under my belt. I am a very competetive person and just feel that I am slowly losing motivation as I don't feel I have anything to strive for.

So I am a liitle confused as to what to do next, maybe this is something normal that other dancers have been through.Any advice would be great.
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