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Re: What next?
Posted by DancerSA
12/26/2009  4:37:00 PM
Thankyou so much for your reply, it really helps to have someone just explain the whole thing clearly.

I certainly don't think I am good enough to compete at a pro level yet, but it helps to know what the routes are for the future.

I think I must compete as an amateur first if I find a partner and then see what happens from there, although teaching would be my last resort as I really just want to perform.

I have posted ads on various sites so hopefully something will manifest.

Thank you again.
Re: What next?
Posted by terence2
12/27/2009  12:29:00 AM
One of the key things is your age...

There are numerous ladies in the over 40 age bracket that are looking for partners ( again, major metro areas give more opportunity )..

Also, the country in which you reside ,will have a bearing on your choices.

One other thing, it is possible to revert to Amat. status after teaching as a pro ( and to some extent, competing ) I had a former student that I was training as a pro. and he reverted to Amat. status ( I,m not suggesting that you do that )

make your plight known on .. Dance Forums.. it has an extensive ballroom readership .
Re: What next?
Posted by DancerSA
12/27/2009  8:42:00 AM
Thank you terence for you comments. I really appreciate it.

I am 28 and from the UK, I have actually placed an ad on this and other websites, so now just waiting to hear. I have also contacted potential partners too.

Although by no means I think I am the best dancer out there, I know I have the potential and will to compete at a high level. As only in the space of a year I have gone from Bronze to Gold and also from beginner to Intermediate level. and I plan to work very hard to be at pre champ/amateur level very soon.

Hopefully with the right partner that will happen soon. I think just being very new to this world, I keep hearing conflicting things from teachers and dancers I know, so I never know what route to follow.
Re: What next?
Posted by terence2
12/28/2009  12:08:00 AM
Follow your heart !
Re: What next?
Posted by Anonymous
12/28/2009  8:29:00 AM
If your teacher is negative on the idea of you finding an amateur partner, then the first thing you need to do is to find a teacher who sees your dancing as important as her pocketbook.
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