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Re: What is, "Ballroom Dancing"?
Posted by belleofyourball
1/4/2010  12:40:00 AM
pivotingfool...why the ennui?

If you are from the US it is true that we have lost a lot of our civility...or maybe we are just returning to the old ways. The people of the lower classes danced folk dances, and the wealthy and aristocracy danced what has become ballroom. It was difficult and highly patterned and required teachers just like it does today. As for mirrors have you seen some of the old ballrooms in Europe or the wealthy parts of SOuth America? They weren't good mirrors but they were there.

I've been to balls in the US and in Europe and the majority of the people danced and I promise you they didn't learn it from friends or family but they were dancing for pleasure.

You are right, there is a subsection of dancing that is called DanceSport. It is related to social dancing, but is more difficult. So if people fall in love with dancing and they want to use it to challenge themselves why is it wrong? Besides a lot of the people who go to comp are just living out their Cinderella fantasies and if it makes them happy why should it disturb me? Why should it disturb you? People have strange motivations, but if what they are doing is contributing to beauty in this world I'm all for it.

My Grandma and Grandpa are from the Big Band Era. They met at a dance, a huge dance. The same with my Aunt and Uncle. I don't enjoy dancing with either my uncle or grandfather they only know a few steps and it is repetitive and boring. As far as most people at dances, as in people moving to music in a room with a wooden floor that was built primarily for dancing, it is nothing more than a meat market and that loses its appeal after the third man lears down my cleavage.

Just my opinion.

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