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Re: What is, "Ballroom Dancing"?
Posted by pivotingfool
1/9/2010  11:49:00 AM

I have read enough of your posts to know that your studio is more like the old independent ones than it is like the more Competitive International Studios of today. (I assume that you give them what they want.)

One quick clue as to the type os Studio your run is if you have a Firday evening dance that many of your students go to, yours is the old type.

Another clue is having mixers. Still another is if people laugh at their mistakes, and excuse other folks for making theirs.

Many of today's Studios can not get enough Social Dancers to keep a Friday evening dance going.

Contrary to your first sentence, I tend to think that the, "Social Dancers", are the heart of Ballroom Dancing. (Without them, dancing would die.)

I did not mean to upset anyone. I only asked for opinions on what types of dancing people think fall into the, "Ballroom Dancing" catagory.

I know folks who think that the kind of dancing they do, is the only real form of Ballroom Dancing.

I asked what people thought, "Ballroom Dancing", was because I am not sure we all agree on the answer.


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