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Re: What is, "Ballroom Dancing"?
Posted by SmoothGeezer
1/10/2010  8:37:00 AM
Terence wrote: I know of 2 B/Rooms ( in the States ) which hold more than that !.. One was in Utah and the other in Long beach ( they may still be operational .. the utah one, was BYUs )

This could be an interesting bit of trivia - the largest dance floor in the US! I tried to find it, or find the largest one I could, although I had zero expectation of finding a dance floor of 150,000 sq ft.

This reference says the grand ballroom at the Long Beach Convention Center is 10,228 sq ft. I don't know if that's just the floor or includes seating.
Although this reference says the grand ballroom is 20,456 sq ft. It's interesting that number is exactly twice the previous number and I think that number includes 4 other adjacent rooms plus the ballroom (as shown on the chart).
I found several other large ballrooms in Long Beach but they were all smaller.

I have not been able to find the size of BYU's largest ballroom.

I found one under construction in the northeast that claims it will be the largest in the northeast. That one will be 48,800 square ft.

I guess that one will eclipse the 40,000 carpeted ballroom in Hartford.

The biggest ballroom in Arkansas is 42,000 sq ft.

The largest ballroom in Chicago is 45,000 sq ft.

The largest ballroom in Washington DC is 52,000 sq ft.

So far, the largest ballroom I have found in California is 38,058 sq ft.
They claim to have the largest convention center ballroom anywhere.

Pheonix, Az claims a 45,000 ft ballroom.

The Cubberley Pavilion in San Francisco claims to have the largest dance floor in the US. (12,000 sq ft)
(Some claims don't mean a lot. Our local club uses a 15,000 sq ft wooden floor.)

I found one at the Marriott in Orlando that can connect rooms and come up with 150,000 sq ft. That's carpeted but I guess you could put down a temporary floor. I guess you won't be circling that in one song.

It seems that those facilities quoting these large numbers are including the total for the whole facility, which includes seating and misc rooms. The actual dance floor is smaller. In most cases these are multi-purpose facilities and don't have a permanent dance floor (carpet is not a permanent dance floor). So I don't really know who has the largest dance floor. Anyone know of any other huge dance floors?
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