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Re: age
Posted by silver
2/6/2010  9:51:00 PM
I didn't start until I was 38. I realize there are limits to how good I will get when compared to those who have been at it longer and those who are younger and just better, but don't let your age stop you. You can become as good as you want to become. And a professional, too. Hopefully you will choose the route of learning well and paying your dues. Sadly, some professional's dancing isn't as good as many amatuers. As far as being a professional, you'll get many opinions on that. To be one, take somebody's money for dance lessons or just proclaim yourself one. That happens a lot. The NDCA rules state:
1. PROFESSIONAL: A Professional Dancer is one who is any or all of the following (anyone studying
40 for or taking a theory exam will not be deemed a professional unless they declare themselves such as
41 defined below):
42 a. Registered as a Professional with the NDCA.
43 b. A Staff Member employed by a Dance Studio to teach. "Employed" contemplates a full time or
44 part time teacher who is paid by a studio, and for whom the studio arranges lessons/clients and
45 subsequently withholds Federal Income Tax, Social Security and Unemployment Taxes from the
46 employee's paycheck. An employed staff member receives an annual Federal W-2 Form -
47 statement of earnings - from the studio, and uses it in preparing his or her IRS Form 1040.
48 c. One who partners a Pro/Am Student Dancer or Registered Amateur in Pro/Am Competitions.
49 d. Any person who declares himself or herself a Professional by word or deed (Examples: serving as
50 a hired Partner, or participating in Professional Competitions or Team Matches).
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