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Re: Going out into business
Posted by Ladydance
2/22/2010  7:09:00 AM
You have been dancing for two years and teaching for a year and a half. You must be at a chain school where you only have to be one step ahead of your students. I would suggest you go to an independent studio and ask for an assessment of your dancing before striking out on your own. Teachers should continue with coaching to keep current and sharp but should not need lessons to learn new steps. At the very least, you should know your bronze syllabus, leader and follower, to teach credibly. Unless you stick to beginners only, you will run out of steps to teach. And then there's technique, leading and following, floorcraft, all incredibly important but often blown off by unqualified instructors. Their students look like crap on the dance floor and eventually the students realize it and move on.
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