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Re: Going out into business
Posted by belleofyourball
2/22/2010  11:21:00 AM
LOL---this post is funny. Dancing isn't a series of steps. It as an artform to be mastered, and to do so takes years and years. Top professionals can work on the same movement for 10-years before they feel proficient.

You should go compete against some top professionals at a place like Emerald Ball, Ohio Star, or Nationals and see how you rank. Then decide if you have what it takes to be an indy instructor and determine if you are doing little more than ripping off your students by professing to be a professional in something that ethical individuals work on for decades before they dare suggest they are worthy of teaching.

My professional instructor started ballroom training at 7-years of age. He is now in his thirties and he is still getting coaching from people he feels can help him progress. He is asked to judge national competitions and is a successful competitor himself.

You just come across as sounding arrogant and not devoted to your craft.
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