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Re: Going out into business
Posted by silver
2/22/2010  11:35:00 AM
One of the gravest errors anyone can make in an arena such as ballroom is to not know that which you don't know. You state "there are no more steps in this studio for [you] to learn," but do you know what those steps are? If you do, you need to learn those first and attain proficiency. If you don't know what is missing in your repertoire, seek that knowledge first.
I was at a similar juncture in my learning some time back. The studio where I go is nice, but it could only take a serious minded person so far. Some of the teachers aren't as qualified as they proclaim and I rarely hear of any of them seeking "continuing education," i.e., staying current. I had decided to make trips to a neighboring state where I could study under a full USISTD Fellow, when a new teacher came to our studio who is competent, up-to-date, and who paid her dues coming up through the ranks. How do I know she is that good? I read style and syllabi, I study films of recognized professionals / champions, I listen and pay attention, and I then compare apples to apples. My teacher, shes a good apple, and I am grateful she can to my area.
I now know more about many aspects of ballroom than the majority of the "teachers" at the studio, but I wouldn't presume to be a capable teacher since I have the awareness of what I still don't know. And there is a lot to know! I tutor a few people from time to time, but I know when to stop and tell someone they need to seek assistance from a truly qualified teacher.
Pass on what you know to be correct and help others with that knowledge, but don't teach what you haven't yet nearly perfected. There are a lot of instructors who claim in person, over the phone, and on their web sites to be certified in Bronze through Gold, but all they really have is the green from the sales of their snake oil. Those people aggravate me to no end!

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