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Re: Going out into business
Posted by dheun
2/22/2010  2:09:00 PM
Go on the Learning the Dances portion of this website and see how many steps or variations you know well enough to teach -- both the man's and woman's steps. That will give you an idea of where your expertise really lies -- yet not really the full idea, because this site doesn't have the videos for the more advanced levels yet. So you're only talking bronze for the most part, but that still covers a lot of ground in a lot of dances.
I have been dancing since I was a kid, so it's going on almost 50 years. I certainly feel qualified to teach and I do so as a moonlighting hobby, not as a professional. I do it because I want people who might not otherwise go to a studio to get comfortable with dancing and then I encourage them to move onto a private studio setting for more advanced instruction if they want that.
So, I would agree with the posters who feel you have to put some more time and thought into this. However, I do believe that YOU believe you can do it and that you are good at what you do know. There is nothing wrong with that, and I wouldn't discourage staying with it and getting a more complete syllabus under your belt. But you may be amazed at what all goes into properly showing and explaining the intricacies of technique, leading and following, and any number of other essential aspects that have a lot to do with being a good dancer before you even start addressing footwork and step sequences.
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