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Re: Going out into business
Posted by terence2
2/23/2010  6:12:00 AM
I regularly defend ??.. I always try to be fair... Ive worked in all capacities for both chains .. some very good ones, AND some very bad ones.

And, i can say EXACTLY the same about the many indies in which I have worked.

Its invariably the bad things in life that get the " press ",, as the saying goes " if it bleeds it leads "..

Were very quick to admonish someone who we know little about.. and.. Im the first one usually, to advocate strong dance backgound before embarking on a dance career.. 3 plus yrs in Amer.style would be adequate IF the proper training was in order..

And I know that I made an assumption, but I based it upon the way they wrote their info ( also I believe theyre from the States ) Im sure they will respond..

One other thing I would like to point out.. YOUR assumption that their training was poor is in a way a direct affront to me. I trained hundreds of beginning teachers in the chain schools over the yrs ( 2 who went on to become US champions ).. in addition.. in many of todays schools,there are many very highly qualified teachers, many of European descent, that are more uptodate than many of my English colleagues !! .

When you look at blackpool results do you realise how many of those visit and train, in American chain studios ?... I NEVER see that in the UK ( ya gotta go to them ).

There are currently ,in Tampa , former british champs ( italian couple ) running a chain school.. you are way behind the times..

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