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Re: Going out into business
Posted by dheun
2/23/2010  7:41:00 AM
While I think I made some vaild points in my earlier post, mark me down as understanding and agreeing with Terence's comments on this one. I could see where after a few years, you could teach bronze level fairly well.
I started teaching friends and others after going through the Fred Astaire studio program for about four years. I have since spent more years than that at a private studio, but it was a good transition. I don't have a particular problem or complaint with the chains, other than you have to be aware and careful of how their contracts work.
The private studio, it seemed, wasn't concerned about teaching you "too much" at one particular time, whereas the chains were more rigid in what you could learn for a certain amount of money.
All of that aside, I especially like Terence's view that you can be a very good teacher without having to be an outstanding dancer, per se. Some of the best dancers in our studio can't explain to others what they do or how they do it. I feel like I am quite good at explaining how something is supposed to look and feel, as well as the proper step patterns and frame/holds -- but I would categorize myself as only a "competent" dancer, not outstanding. Others give me more credit than that, but I know the difference.

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