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Re: Going out into business
Posted by belleofyourball
2/23/2010  9:24:00 AM
My comments had nothing to do with chain status or the disbelief that someone can reasonably teach beginners after dancing a few years. Not all chains are bad and not all indys are good and people learn at different rates.

His feeling that he had everything there was to know under his belt and that simply knowing the steps was all there was to dance is what bothered me. This arrogance suggests he does not begin to know what he does not know and I was under the same assumption for the first 6 months of dancing. He is years into it and doesn't know this yet.

People who think they have nothing left to learn should not be teaching or in any public field. I spent years in school to become a professional and I still spend two weeks a year in professional development and consult with colleagues because I don't always have an answer.

This guy just told us he has nothing left to learn. I'm not going to foster that attitude in anyone.
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