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Re: Going out into business
Posted by Ondine
3/13/2010  8:21:00 PM
hello all...
well, i must say some of you are very quick to judge me without knowing me. I'm from a little town in hawkes bay New Zealand.
Yes i have only been dancing for three year, approx. However it is the love for it that makes me train every night. I have recently completed my ballroom and Latin american medals, and this year i have started on my gold. i have recieved all medals with top honours and with 100+ in all divisions. however it is not the international dancing style that i would be teaching. Here in Hawkes Bay we dont really have too many dancoing studios that are worth while going to, for one, they can't teach, and 2 they don't know how to dance.
Yes i do realise that i am not an award winning dancer, however it is the love i have for dance which has made me want to go out on my own. The studio where i am working now has less qualifications than i have, and a lot of the students there only go because i am the one who is teaching them.
"style" a popular word amongst a lot of you, what do you mean. Yes latin American with the cuban motion, and feet pushing into the floor, and the striaghting of the leg... i know how to teach that. I recently had a polish man come and assess me on it. And i know how to teach both male and female.
Ballroom, as you step back, transferring your weight from one foot to another, releasing your toes as you step back, but only as the other heel hits the ground.
but believe me i realise there are always new steps, or new ways to do things, i'm not saying i know it all, and any person that claims that is lying
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