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Re: peabody dance music
Posted by handdancer
3/16/2010  7:14:00 AM
i am actually from baltimore, md. i have had lessons in quick step and love it and that is why i took peabody lessons.
i started out learning to dance all dances and all basics in group lessons, now i have a provate instructor.
thanks for your reply.
Re: peabody dance music
Posted by nloftofan1
5/15/2013  7:29:00 AM
I'm glad you were able to find a suitable version of Bourbon Street Parade (great song!). Another good one is Twelfth Street Rag. Our instructor used that one a lot when he taught us Peabody. I have a 2 MB MP3 of Twelfth Street Rag I could send you; just provide an email address.

Several people suggested using a sound editing program to change the tempo (without changing the pitch). Audacity is a free program that can do that, along with quite a few other things. If you do sound editing but you don't quite need a full-strength professional editing program, Audacity is a good choice.
Re: peabody dance music
Posted by Canarsie Fred
3/9/2010  9:48:00 PM
Wilbur de Paris has an excellent up-tempo version of the Bourbon Street Parade. Perfect tempo for a Peabody and a "hot' Charleston. Download it on
i-Tunes. Enjoy!
Re: peabody dance music
Posted by handdancer
3/16/2010  10:16:00 AM
thank you , i just downloaded the song!
Re: peabody dance music
Posted by Kenneth Lee
3/28/2010  3:39:00 PM
I played in a dixieland band for many years and Bourbon st parade was a song we often played. But we did an old folks home once and they asked us to play a "peabody" and none of the band members ever heard of the term! Some of the guys in the band were in thier 70's! Then one of the old timers asked us to play that song. In 50 years of playing I only heard that term ( peabody ) that one time!! I know it dosen't answer your question but I though you would find it interesting...Ken, a retired musician
Re: peabody dance music
Posted by Ron
5/15/2013  4:54:00 AM
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