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Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Carolyn
3/22/2010  1:03:00 PM
Hi Netti,
How sad I was to hear that Bemil had passed away.
I worked with Bemil in Chiswick, London, in 1964. I never met Jack, but Bemil used to tell us about their dancing and showed us albums of photos of their travels.
I left the company and lost touch with Bemil.
In 1970 We (my husband and I and our daughter 2.1/2 year old Alison) emigrated to Australia.
As a teenager Alison was a competition Ballroom dancer. Her teacher was Keith Collins. Once day I mentioned to Keith about working with a World Champion called Bemil. Keith was amazed, he knew Jack and Bemil well, they used to practice at his studio when in Melbourne.
We found an address for Jack and Bemil in VanNuys, Calif. and I wrote to her, she remembered me and was amazed at the coincidence of my daughter having lessons with Keith Collins.

Sadly Keith died on 11th March so I thought I would look on-line to let Jack and Bemil know. This is how I saw your message. I would still like to let Jack know if you have a contact.

I hope you are successfull in finding some film clips of J & B dancing for your Mother.

Regards, Carolyn
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