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re: Learning Competitive Dancing
Posted by Belle1
8/17/1999  4:14:00 PM
You may want to consider finding an instructor who does teach competitors, even if that person is far from you. You could get basic stuff from your current instructor, then competition-specific advice from the other one on a less regular basis (like once a month or so, depending on the distance). Some pros travel a lot to comps, so maybe you could hook up with someone if they come near you once in a while.

Regarding multiple sources, what I would do is find a pro who has successful students or whose style you like, and then get suggestions from them for other people to learn from (including suggested videos etc.). This should make it easier for you to stay in the same stylistic family, rather than getting a lot of conflicting advice. Especially at a beginning level, it can be hard to tell what is the same and what is different, and which differences are contradictory.

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