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Re: Please Help w/ First Dance for Wedding!!!
Posted by Erica
4/18/2010  6:12:00 PM
A Nightclub 2-Step/ West Coast Swing combo is my feel on this one. Both have a smooth, sexiness to them, like the song, but they leave a lot of room for groovy interpretation for the jazzier bits.

If you are beginner dancers you'll pick up Nightclub 2-Step really fast. Then have your choreographer work in some WCS, which is little more challenging.

Great song, but remember the most important part of the wedding dance is that you two are expressing your connection through music. Be cautious about over-choreographing to complex song to the point that your movement is foreign to you and you look like strangers to each other. Even basic steps done well will make your guests get misty-eyed.

Best of luck!

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