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Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by scottyboysdoll
5/3/2010  7:38:00 AM
I wanted to know if anyone has a schedule, or lesson plans. For either American or International. I know there is a Dancevision manual, that gives you the lesson plans to learn all the American Rhythm Bronze Level, on a 8 month schedule. (Well, it an be adjusted to your students learning curve.) The manual says, it has steps, that need to be taught together, for easier comprehension. I know they have many years of experience, to offer in this manual. I really wanted to take advantage of that, and not have to "Re-invent the Wheel".
Well, it's a $100. Our studio is new, and on a VERY tight budget. Need I say more!
I wanted to know, if there is a website, or another option. Just until we get started.
Anyones opinion, help, or experiences with this, please let me know! Thanks, So Much! ScottyBoysDoll
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