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Re: Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by Telemark
5/4/2010  9:26:00 AM
Don't answer back.

That's my choice, not yours.


Down right mean spirited, & ugly.

I've made a friend!

Besides I am sooooo tired of asking a question on this site.

Well don't, then.

For what its worth, I do have detailed lesson plans. I have a structured syllabus, which takes complete beginners through fundamental principles and movements up to intermediate level (Silver) figures. I record, class by class, my own assessment of their progress, and tweak the next class plan to play to strengths and weaknesses.

This takes time and effort, and the syllabus (which includes the amalgamations and 'routines' taught, as well as being a list of figures) is entirely my own, based on my professional training, teaching experience and knowledge. If I could have bought a substitute for just $100 I would have bought two, given the hours I have invested in the work.

My business objective is to have students who enjoy dancing, and who look forward to their next class or lesson as one of the highlights of their week. I dance six days a week, and I want to pass on some of that passion for dance to at least some of my students.

I don't recognise the concept of "mom & pop studios". There are studios with properly trained and experienced instructors, and there are other studios.
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