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Re: Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by scottyboysdoll
5/4/2010  8:24:00 PM
Well, Tele-whatever, "America was built on "mom & pop" business. I have found them to be better than chain stores, that try to take you & your wallet for a ride!"
And I will NOT quit asking for help, because I love the challenge of perfect tech. in my dancing, more than I hate people who say ugly things! Actually I would prefer years of experience teaching, rather than any book of lesson plans! Because no book can replace that! I live in the middle of no where Texas! I have limited resources, it is 6 hours drive to Dallas! So, I will just have to let people like you,in a wonderful studio like yours, just look down on us plain old folks, that just dance for joy!
Anyway, whatever! Good Bye!
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