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Re: Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by terence2
5/4/2010  11:44:00 PM
I really do understand where you are "coming " from... however..

From a seasoned Prof., ( and pretty much all my colleagues agree )it is an ongoing problem in our profession ( in all genres ) that there are numerous people who believe that teaching dance is a"secondary " occupation, that will provide additional income, and then procede to "set up " shop.

"They", by and large,have generally been found to be lacking in the most necessary skills to teach the MOST important student,, the Beginner.. the foundation of teaching ALL dance, is a complete understanding of the basic concepts..and just teaching " steps " really doesnt make it !!..

BUT.. I do see you dilemma, and it is a "free " market place.. and yes.. you have the best intentions, but to ask other Profs for "free "advice to go into business, always raises the hackles of those of us who have had to put countles yrs into our profession at no small cost.

As you may have read on this forum, there are several of us who are more than willing to assist in the technical sides of dance , and also some business related subjects, so please dont "paint " those who may dis agree with your request ,in a cavalier fashion ..

I do wish you well in your quest,but I think you should write down your format ( teaching wise ) and submit it to a teacher in your region , for comment .Bare in mind, you need to satisfy your local clientels needs...

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