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Re: Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by belleofyourball
5/5/2010  6:05:00 PM

Been awhile since I saw you on here and I know you have a passion for dance and about a half a ton of videos if I am remembering correctly...

My suggestion, and you can take it as that...be careful not to pay too much to the pros at your new studio. They should be certified in ways that make your helping the way you are completely unnecessasary.

What I think I am reading between your lines...you want some routines and some choreography that works and flows as it should...this is not so difficult. Get on Youtube and watch how the pros put together their routines. You will probably be dancing way out of your level but it will push you and give you clues about what steps can follow other steps...but don't perform a verbatim at a comp or for others who are in the 'know'. It will just show off how not as good as the pro you are. Besides it's basically plagarism on the dance floor.

That will at least give you some material to work with :~}

Good luck!

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