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Re: Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by scottyboysdoll
5/5/2010  7:27:00 PM
Thanks so much, it has been a while, since I have written.
I am not looking to open a studio, teach anybody, and all these people just assume anything they want to. It just soooo drives me crazy!
Yep, I still have all my videos,almost 500 now, but they just CAN NOT replace my hands-on teacher that moved away. She was our truely certified, w/ 20 years experience teacher. So, all that left is the social dance teachers - And they were up front about that 3 1/2 years ago. If you wanted more professional lessons, the other lady was certified, and we started taking lesson w/ her, as well. So, we now are w/o her, and waiting on another teacher, to come along. We still practice at home nightly, and go to social classes. But techniques, styling, exact information, we have no guidance.
This little guide I saw was a set lesson plan, on the DV website. I do not remember exactly, but here was an example, I just am making this up!!!

Lesson 1- Teach Bolero Step 1, and Samba Step 3, with arm styling

Lesson 2- Teach Review Samba step 3, and introduce Step 1, Review Bolero Step 1 - Add new material Tango teach posture, frame, and Step 2.

But as you can see. It was just a little Lesson Plan that adds a new step every lesson, but has reviews of previous lessons. Basically, keeps you moving along. Then if you come across a hard concept, just repeat that lesson, before going on!
The booklet has steps put together, that compliment each other. I guess I will just breakdown & buy the book. I just need it for our home practice.
As far as choreo. & variations, entrances & exits - I have Bronze Silver, Gold of anything a person could ever want!!! Some now is getting dated, but on of my favorites is 20 years old by Chris Morris, Smooth Entrances I & II - there are 4 for each dance. But it is still just a good solid combination of 4 or 5 steps, that flow so easy, and can be "Dressed up or Down" to go with the students skill level! Just a neat video! I also have a lot of Dance Comp. videos from 2008, 2009, 2010. So, I can see how dance has changed over the last 20 years!
Sorry to be so long winded!! But I do not want to go to Silver Level, in any dance until, technique, styling,ect. is perfect, then we can move on!
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