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Re: Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by belleofyourball
5/5/2010  10:13:00 PM
The pro thing can be fixed. I know a lot of professionals who are willing to travel and teach at other studios. Get a schedule together of people who will fill up a pros whole day, or two days, call them and most will come. You can get both male and female pros and it can help. I know many are willing to teach a group lesson or series of group lessons if you can promise a minimum number. I know that in my own studio some of the country's top pros come for the day to coach and teach for the day even though we are several states away.

With the not wanting to advance to silver...I'm not saying your wrong. It is the most accepted concept...for me when I started doing the harder choreography for shows my bronze technique took a shocking leap forward. That's just kind of how I learn though...big picture and then details fall into place for me.
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