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Re: Lesson schedule for Bronze
Posted by scottyboysdoll
5/6/2010  1:07:00 PM
I was just worried we would get all caught up in learning new steps, & poof! the techniques, and frame would be second! I feel like anybody can do steps! I hate to look at the floor and no one is doing anything different. I wanted to be the stand out! It would be easy to learn new steps, and be the center of attention. But a even better challenge is to be on the floor, and do the same steps as the others, but still be the stand out couple, because our techniques, styling, ect. , would be that much better than the others. To me that would be a awesome challenge! It seems like all the couples in our dance clubs, look just a like & really do not have any defining styling. Waltzs & Fox Trots a like, ect. I do not know that bugs me. ScottyBoysDoll
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