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Re: On having two (or more) amateur partners...
Posted by Ladydance
5/22/2010  6:40:00 AM
I was in a similar situation (as your partner). My partner wanted to practice more and take more lessons than I was physically and financially able. He then said he would practice and take extra lessons with someone else. I felt he should be committed to our partnership and we broke up. Like your partner, I was OK with it at first but later changed my mind. It felt like an ultimatum to me, sort of a 'practice more, spend more, or I'll go elsewhere'. We danced worst than when we first started. So, since your partner agreed to add latin, but not more time and money, that means she can't do more. I don't think it is fair to her to do latin with someone else. Even though it is totally unrelated (in your mind), it may be a slap in the face to her.
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