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re: Cha Cha / Rumba Technique
Posted by vcalvin
8/18/1999  1:02:00 PM
I've done rock steps (or "back/replaces") in jive several different ways, depending upon what follows that action. My default rock step would be to put the back heel down, though I'm definitely not doing a full transfer of weight like I would in a rumba back break. I achieve that by swiveling the right hip open (the lady's part) quite strongly. However, in choreography, I don't always use that action. If I need to do a progressive spin (or something that moves forward) after the back/replace, it's not always productive to put the heel down. Though that's only a partial transfer of weight, it still has a very solid and anchored feel. When I need to get moving forward, I'll substitute a tap-ball-change action, with the tap behind me. You can propel slightly forward with that, so it's more efficient in some cases. For anyone who watches competitors, it appears that Michael and Beata (especially her) use this action a lot in jive, which wouldn't be surprising given how many changes of direction and momentum they do!


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