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Re: Difference of height between partner
Posted by George
5/29/2010  7:22:00 AM
As a dance teacher 5'9" with partner (wife) 5'1" we have never found it a problem and competed successfully as amateurs in our younger days. Yes, I had to adjust when I moved from my previous 5'6" partner where oversways were much easier but my wife's footwork and Latin were much better - it is swings and roundabouts.
I agree with D Heun's post that it is more about how you feel, as dancing should be about having a fun time. Your partner has a long enough stride to move with you (sometimes even longer than you)and I can't see what is worrying you.
Don't worry about height and work hard with your teacher on the basics. You will lose no points for height difference but will for not closing your feet and not walking straight.
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